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Complexities of True HIPAA Compliance for Therapy Clinics

Most of us know that the basis of HIPAA is the safeguarding of Protected Health Information (PHI). Unfortunately, many clinic owners, admins, and therapists do not understand the plethora of HIPAA nuances that need to be implemented in the therapy clinic environment.

HIPAA fines can be the result of small actions and oversights that may never have crossed your mind. Once the HIPAA door is open due to a breach, the resulting fines can be devastating, accumulating at a rate of up to $50,000 per violation.

The monetary fines themselves can be crushing, but the reputational loss and long-term hit to revenue has put many clinics out of business.

We want you to know for certain that you are doing everything you can to avoid these consequences.

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How To Ensure Your Clinic Is Fully HIPAA-Compliant

Your clinic is quite different from a traditional medical office. Yet, most HIPAA training courses are generic. They center around doctors, hospitals, and large medical practices. Their terminology and imagery make training unnecessarily complicated for therapy clinic staff.

HIPAA ASSIST is the most unique compliancy solution available because we built it just for therapy providers like you.

We are specific, rather than generic. You get a solution customized for your clinic!

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You Deserve a Customized HIPAA Solution!

Generic HIPAA services will require that you purchase expensive, software-based solutions, interpret what they ask for, and enter data yourself. Then, you must find time to continually maintain this system with your current personnel, who are probably not HIPAA-qualified. If they are qualified, they likely cannot spare the hours it would require from their full-time responsibilities.

Add to this the time it takes to train your new hires and annually train management staff, admins, employee therapists, contract therapists, and others on these rules and regulations, which is a HIPAA requirement.

What do you get? A generic, impersonal, and ineffective solution for your clinic’s HIPAA-related needs.

With HIPAA ASSIST, on the other hand, you get unprecedented specialization. Over three decades of therapy industry experience infuses every piece of advice we offer you. You will feel assured that you are getting the most accurate, specific HIPAA advice for your therapy clinic from our caring expert staff.

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Don’t waste any more time not knowing whether your therapy clinic is at risk of a devastating HIPAA violation. Let us assist you to be compliant!


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