Our vision is to be the industry leader in providing customized, outsourced HIPAA solutions for therapy clinics like yours.

Two female therapists looking at a tablet together

We are a team of therapy industry experts with more than three decades of combined experience in therapy clinic consulting, billing, EMR software, and HIPAA compliance.

This experience has shown us that most clinic owners honestly don’t know how much they don’t know, when it comes to being HIPAA-compliant. So, we built a suite of customized services tailored to your environment – to your clinic – to teach you and your staff how to become, and stay, compliant.

We have worked directly with every type of therapy provider, from large multidisciplinary clinics to sole providers. The unique way in which we offer our outsourced and comprehensive HIPAA compliancy solution protects the longevity of your business.

Unlike other HIPAA solutions, we are not generalists.

HIPAA ASSIST is built on a foundation of specialization. We know that a fully customized experience, with no stone left unturned, is what you need to protect your business from HIPAA breaches.

Discover the HIPAA Help Your Clinic Needs