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Role-Specific HIPAA Training

Get specialized training for Owners, Admin and Therapists. You may not realize how HIPAA training ……

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Tailored Compliance Plans & Documentation

Outsource your HIPAA compliance plan and documentation requirements….

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Monthly Documentation Reviews

We lead monthly meetings to ensure your clinic is kept appraised of the ongoing changes to HIPAA………

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HIPAA Breach Management

In the event of a suspected or confirmed breach, let us be the liaison handling your breach

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Ongoing Training for Therapists, Admins, Clinic Owners & More

You may not realize how HIPAA training should be different for your in-house therapists and contract or remote therapists…but we do! Our in-depth understanding of all possible clinic setups and therapy disciplines means we are poised to adjust compliance training to your unique company structure and to each role.

Onboarding a new therapist or staff member is stressful enough without the added worry of ensuring that you have covered all your bases with HIPAA training for his or her role. When you have HIPAA ASSIST in your corner, we take care of new hire training for you! In addition, you’ll never again forget about the required annual re-training for your entire staff. We have that handled too.

We also protect you from confusion and the risk of a breach resulting from your relationships with third-party companies, such as technology providers and shredding companies, by ensuring that you have a current, HIPAA-approved Business Associate Agreement with each one.

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HIPAA Compliance Plans & Documentation Tailored for Your Clinic

We assume the lead role in performing your required HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. We input your data and work with your team to build the compulsory Remediation Plan. While we maintain all of your plan’s documentation and keep it updated, your team signs off on it every step of the way.

Your clinic probably has a set of operating rules and procedures that new hires must sign, incorporating new rules as needed. What you may not have is the requisite HIPAA Rules and Procedures manual that every employee must attest to having read and understood. It is essential to inform every employee of the consequences of not adhering to said procedures, which can even include termination.

If this sounds overwhelming, not to worry. We lead this project and prepare a customized HIPAA Policies and Procedures Manual for your clinic.

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Monthly HIPAA Documentation Meetings

HIPAA is constantly going through revisions and reworking points of emphasis. The newest methodology for enforcing updated policies is via a HIPAA Task Force.

Since we stay current on proposed and recently implemented changes, we will make sure you and your clinic staff are aware and trained appropriately.

To do this, we conduct monthly meetings with designated people from our team and yours to update the necessary components of your documentation.

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Stress-Free HIPAA Breach Management

HIPAA breaches are typically accidental. For example, a therapist or admin may accidently forget to encrypt an email containing PHI, or unknowingly downloads a phishing email allowing viruses to invade your environment, exposing hundreds of patients protected health information.

Irrespective of the cause of the breach, certain procedures and timelines must be met. Maintaining your knowledge level of all the rules and associated timelines is of paramount importance. We can help you with that.

We can be your lead liaison in documenting and reporting to the appropriate government entities, media and or patients, keeping you informed of the progress and findings, but eliminating the need for your daily involvement. This significantly reduces the stress related to documenting and informing all associated parties.

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What’s it like to have HIPAA ASSIST on your compliance team? You do not have to worry about getting expensive software, spending hours inputting all your data then developing plans on how to mitigate the risks you have uncovered. We take the lead and supply the HIPAA experience to ease these tasks for you and your people. Everything is performed specific to the requirements for your therapy clinic!

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